Hi, I originally set up this blog so that my paper on the history of the New Left, Marxism, and the undemocratic US Constitution would be available at the Socialism 2019 Conference. The paper can speak for itself, but as an introduction I want to explain why the blog is named “The Democratic Constitution Party.” By “Party” I do not mean a formal organization, at least not yet. As Jose G. Perez has written on his Hatuey’s Ashes blog, when Marx and Engels referred to the Chartists in England as the first working class party, the Chartists were nothing like what we now think of as a party. They couldn’t vote or put up candidates and had no central national organization. They were just “people that shared a common outlook and had organized themselves as a distinct group around demands for changing the government.” Something similar has been going on in this country for the last twenty years and has coalesced around Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the presidency. Although the Sanders movement has been operating within the formal structure of the Democratic Party, it is fundamentally at odds with the policies and interests of the corporate Democratic establishment. Eventually there will be a parting of the ways between these two contradictory forces. The current consensus at Jacobin Magazine is that socialists will leave the Democratic Party at some point and form there own socialist party. Judging by what happened to the McGovern reform movement back in 1972, my expectation is that the corporate Democrats will be the first to withdraw and attempt to sabotage the reform forces, only this time the reform forces will hold on and prevail. A straight electoral road to power for the democratic forces will be blocked, however, by the undemocratic constitutional structure of the government. At that point the demand for a democratic constitution will become the primary fault line in US politics. I think the job of the left is to anticipate, educate, and prepare for this coming conflict.